Thank you for generously supporting the Samaritan Volunteer Project and believing in our cause!


Now  150 kids are involved in studying, they have fun and have dreamed about who they will be  in the future. Support them and other children from Chamazi!


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There are other ways to help the project!


Buy a chair or desk 

Our students often use a chair for writing on a lesson because there is not enough school furniture. Colors for painting, black, and whiteboards, all school supplies are very welcome. Send details to about what exactly you're going to buy and we'll find a solution for the best delivered.


Sponsor a child 

Please contact us at


Corporate donation 

If you are a company, please consider donating part of your charity budget to our project. We don't have yet a sponsor. We would be very thankful! Contact us at


Help as a volunteer

Big Tanzania adventures and our kids are waiting. Join us!



If you experience any problems with making a payment or have any questions regarding making a donation, please contact us at and we will gladly help you!