Projects for individuals and kids

What we do


All projects of the Samaritan Volunteer Project  are divided into two categories – those run by the Samaritan Education Centre and the Esha's Nursery School for kids who already decided to study and projects which are created for individuals who have an interest to computers and music, plus to reach kids from streets in a school using Sports Friday Day. 

Samaritan Education Centre

About 100 children  attend our school which operates in a spacious building for studying from 9am to 6pm.


In the morning from 9am to 3pm we conduct classes for small kids with the age of 3 to 6 years old (elementary school),where the children learn Basic Mathematics, Basic English language, Reading & Writing, Arts ,Vocational skills, Hygiene and Sports. 


In the evening from 4pm to 6pm we also have the classes for older children with the age of 7 to 14 years old where they learn extra classes after they come back from school. They learn English Language, Mathematics, Hygiene, Arts, Geography, These children are from different levels therefore our volunteers have to look their books where they ended and continue.


Volnteers assist our local teachers to instruct the children with the subjects mentioned above.

Esha's Nursery School

Three minutes walking distance from our organization is the Esha's Nursery School, where 50 children between 3 and 6 years old are studying . The school was founded in 2017 by Aisha who is a teacher until now.

Schedules are:
8:00 - 10:00 am: classes
10:00 - 11:00 am: rest time
11:00 am - 1:00 pm: classes


Volunteers assist the teacher to teach children Basic English language, Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Sports and Games


Our kids don't have enough chairs and tables for sitting in a class, pens, and pencils for writing.

Books, notebooks, balls, boards for a class, color paintings, markers, plates for lunchtime.
You can help them with basic things for studying,

It's pretty much easy and very much appreciated ❤️🧡

Basics of using a computer Microsoft Office applications, Desig and other computer programs

Computer training classes for local youth

Singing and playing on a piano and a guitar with our volunteers

Musical classes for kids and teenagers

Active games on outdoor with local kids. Everyone is welcome!

Sports day every Friday for local children

Our everyday life

We're happy to introduce our students. They are smart and funny, cute and active. Our treasure.

Are you passionate about music and singing? 
Do you know enough about a computer? Do you love kids?
Join us as a volunteer!