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Samaritan Volunteer Project  is a charity project which is based in providing education for children from low-income families in Chamazi community.


Chamazi is a village located in south of Dar Es Salaam region in a district called Temeke . Last census in 2012 Chamazi village reported a population of 63 000, but according to information from local government in 2019 it reached 140,000 inhabitants. Children and teenagers represent up to 50% of the village’s residents. Most of the local families have 4-8 children and the majority attend public schools in  Chamazi and some in other public schools around Dar es salaam region. Chamazi has only two public schools supporting more than 2000 students each.


Another issue is that there are not enough teachers in public schools. According to teachers at Chamazi and Msufini Primary Schools, one teacher can have more than 100 students per class. In addition, as many parents have not attended to school, they don´t seem much motivated to send their children to school either.


Spurred into action by the huge number of children and youth who spend a lot of time on the streets instead of attending school, 28 years old Emmanuel Peter, who lives in Chamazi since 2010, founded the charity project “Samaritan Education Centre” in 2018, as a new alternative for 3 to 14 years old low income children to get free education during afternoons. Some of the children coming to the centre were attending another morning school as well.  Along with the centre, he started the Samaritan Volunteer Project inviting volunteers from around the world to showcase how education creates opportunities to improve quality of life and motivate children and parents even more to get education.


In 2018, Emmanuel started running a nursery school (elementary school or kindergarden) within the Samaritan Education Centre. This new centre offers education to children from 3 to 6 years old who attend from 9 to 12 h, along with a day care centre, where children can stay until 16 h.


More than 300 low-income children have benefitted from the Samaritan Education Centre,around 150 children have attended the nursery school, 65 of these children are now attending primary school and more than 90 volunteers have visited the centre and shared their knowledge with children, which have contributed to those achievements.

Our mission to spread love to study across all Tanzanian kids 


We aim to ensure that every child in Tanzania wants to study and have the opportunities for that.


We believe a child’s future success and advancement in life is greatly influenced by their early educational experience as those who have to go to school early develop an interest in education more than those who have not participated in early learning education


We want every child to have access to a vibrant, safe and stimulating place to study. Every neighborhood should have a modern school area that is suitable for all children, whatever their family's income. We believe that education is a necessity, not a luxury. 


We are sure that truly helping children requires cultural exchange with people from different countries and by inviting volunteers we will be able to improve the mindset and motivation of every child.


If everyone contributes even the tiniest amount, more children’s lives will be transformed faster.


Founder, host and director of the project

Director of Nursery School and professional teacher

Emmanuel Peter


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